Microsoft cloud powers India’s 20 states and union territories

microsoft-cloud-for-enterprisesMicrosoft today announced that 20 states and union territories in India are using Microsoft cloud services.

Over 100 government departments across India have adopted MSFT cloud in the past 12 months to kick start their digital transformation.

Microsoft competes with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Alibaba, among others, in Indian Cloud market.

Microsoft works with all the 29 states in India as well as with union territories and the central government. MEITY has empaneled Microsoft as a cloud service provider.

The US-based software major is also partnering with both public and private players in education and healthcare sectors, enabling transformation in these areas.

“We will continue to enable both private and public sectors with new technology and help them deliver productive and beneficial services,” said Manish Prakash, country general manager – Public Sector, Education and Healthcare, Microsoft.

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