Mexico selects Microsoft Azure cloud for annual tax returns process

Mexico Tax Administration System (SAT) has selected Microsoft Azure cloud computing services to ensure a smooth annual tax returns process.

The strategy behind the selection of Microsoft Azure cloud computing services is to improve the services offered to Mexican taxpayers, said Microsoft.

Issuing of electronic invoices, providing of direct customer support from the portal to all taxpayers who require to check, cancel or download electronic invoices issued by themselves or on their behalf, and support to more than 85 authorized certification providers with filing-related services are the main benefits.

Microsoft Azure Preview Portal announced

Mexico Tax Administration System has designed a version of DeclaraSAT in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for the 2013 annual tax returns process to complete the annual return for taxpayers. At the end of April, there was an increase of 8.24 percent more tax returns compared with the previous year’s statements.

DeclaraSAT on Microsoft Azure reached more than 1,539,000 filings, compared with traditional DeclaraSAT, which recorded 299,300.

Through the SAT, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit received the largest number of annual individual statements at the end of April 2014.

Juan Manuel Galarza, general administrator for communications at the SAT, said that it processed close to 4 billion documents. Microsoft Azure has also allowed the agency to process daily peaks of up to 34 million electronic invoices.

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