Lely deploys Infor CloudSuite to enhance growth and innovation

Lely has deployed its Infor CloudSuite Equipment enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to enhance growth and innovation in its production of milking robotics.
Infor for enterprises
Lely designs and manufactures automated systems for dairy farmers around the world to enable them to excel in sustainable milk production to feed the world.

Lely is making investment in the new cloud-based Infor ERP, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), in order to increase flexibility to support innovation in milking robotics.

“A huge advantage is we no longer need to do any system updates or maintain any servers. Everything is looked after by Infor. The ERP is at the centre of our IT landscape, and now we can take advantage of regular functionality updates and the Infor Data Lake as a central data repository,” Bart Kuijpers, Lely’s head of data, value & IT, said.

In the next phase of the implementation, Infor’s cloud-based application will be deployed in the other countries where Lely is active in 2022 and 2023. The focus of Lely is to improve the supply chain and financial processes.

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