Intel and Google Cloud launch E2000 chip to improve data center performance

Intel and Google Cloud said they have launched a co-designed chip that can make data centers more secure and efficient.
Intel C3 machine capabilities
The E2000 chip, code named Mount Evans, takes over the work of packaging data for networking from the expensive central processing units (CPU) that do the main computing. It also offers better security between different customers that may be sharing CPUs in the cloud, said Google’s vice president of engineering, Amin Vahdat.

Google Cloud is starting to offer the E2000 in a product called C3 VM which will be powered by Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon processors, said Vahdat. Xeon chips are Intel’s most powerful CPUs and Google Cloud is the first cloud service to deploy the latest generation of those chips.

Through its unique architectural approach, C3 machine instances deliver strong performance gains of up to 20 percent over previous generation C2 instances, enabling high performance computing and data-intensive workloads.

“C3 VMs, a first of its kind in any public cloud, will run workloads on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors while they free up programmable packetprocessing to the IPUs securely at line rates of 200 gigabits per second,” says Nick McKeown, Intel senior vice president, Intel Fellow and general manager of Network and Edge Group.

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