IBM SoftLayer’s new OpenPOWER servers help manage workload

IBM SoftLayer will now offer OpenPOWER-based servers as part of its portfolio of cloud-based services.

With this offering, clients will be able to select OpenPOWER-based “bare metal” servers when configuring their cloud-based IT infrastructure from SoftLayer. The servers help clients better manage data-intensive workloads on public and private clouds.

The new bare metal servers are built to assist a wide range of businesses interested in building custom hybrid, private and public cloud solutions based on open technology, IBM said.


“The new OpenPOWER-based bare metal servers make it easy for users to take advantage of one of the industry’s most powerful and open server architectures,” said Sonny Fulkerson, CIO at SoftLayer. “The offering allows SoftLayer to deliver a higher level of performance, predictability and dependability not always possible in virtualized cloud environments.”

The OpenPOWER-based servers feature IBM’s POWER processor technology and feature innovations resulting from open collaboration among OpenPOWER Foundation members, which now total more than 100 technology leaders worldwide.

SoftLayer bare-metal server was developed in partnership with OpenPOWER Foundation members TYAN, a provider of advanced server/workstation platforms, and Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions.

Due in the second quarter, the SoftLayer bare metal servers run Linux applications and are based on the IBM POWER8 architecture, the processor technology at the heart of IBM’s Power Systems line of servers, the company said.

The new OpenPOWER bare metal servers will join SoftLayer’s growing stable of POWER-based systems.

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