IBM offers additional services on Bluemix open cloud platform

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today added additional services on Bluemix, its open cloud platform, which enables organizations to develop software in the cloud with better speed, security and quality.

IBM also announced that a number of clients are utilizing the open cloud platform, which is offered as a Platform-as-a-Service, to rapidly develop and deliver projects faster and more efficiently.


IBM said Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) reduced the expected delivery time of its pilot mobile app from months to weeks.

BART, a public, rapid transit system serving the San Francisco Bay Area, will pilot Bluemix DevOps to access data in its physical infrastructure of 44 stations, 104 miles of track, sensors, maintenance systems, trains and more, and plans to use this intelligence to build and deploy a mobile app allowing BART supervisors to track real-time train data via mobile updates.

GE Capital

IBM said DevOps services allow organizations such as GE Capital to build a banking website and other apps.



GE Capital aims to accelerate software delivery and optimize the resources of top IT talent, allowing them to create innovations such as the company’s Fleet Optimizer, an analytics app which allows vehicle fleet managers to optimize performance. The company built a DevOps platform, deploying build, test and production cloud environments accessible to global teams – increasing visibility through real-time dashboards and continuous feedback, and speeding deployment of predictive analytics apps, websites and other software.

“We built software and apps, such as our bank – – from scratch in weeks to months – instead of months to years,” said Snehal Antani, CIO of Enterprise Architecture at GE Capital Americas.


IBM said Financial Insurance Management (FIMC) created a mobile app to increase renewal rates by 30 percent.

FIMC, an insurance provider offering customized membership programs and services, used Bluemix DevOps to build a mobile interface which connects clients to on-premise business applications, giving them access to one-touch roadside assistance, targeted promotions, claim submissions and deductible management, as well as a channel to interact with FIMC via social media for faster and more direct communication.

In addition, start-ups MyMenu and aPersona are scaling core business apps with improved speed and innovation, said IBM.


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