IBM delivers talent insight through new Smarter Workforce initiative

IBM has unveiled new cloud-based solutions and workforce science practice delivered through IBM’s Smarter Workforce initiative to help clients improve organizational performance.

With this offering, IBM aims to address the challenge faced by CEOs in acquiring and retaining top talents while ensuring that the existing workforce is fully engaged to deliver exceptional customer experience.

The new offerings allow organizations to use analytics and workforce science to identify top talent, deepen employee engagement and manage transformational change to provide differentiated client experiences, IBM said.

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The solution also allows organizations to manage the size, scope and pace of workforce transformation projects to meet the shifting market demands. In fact, a recent IBM survey found that just 20 percent have been successful in managing change throughout the organization, and only 40 percent felt they have the right skills in place to manage change in the future.

Delivered in tandem with the new Talent and Change practice, the offerings are supported by more than 100 behavioral scientists dedicated to helping clients use social, analytics and digital experience technologies to identify top performers, evaluate workforce readiness, and guard against future talent attrition, IBM said.

IBM is delivering three new cloud-based solutions that give clients deeper insight into talent and transformational change required to build the next generation workforce, IBM said.

First, IBM Kenexa Predictive Hiring gives business leaders access to workforce analytics and behavioral assessments to understand individual, job, team and organizational traits that define top performers.

IBM Kenexa Workforce Readiness, the second offering, enables clients to assess current workforce readiness to address existing and emerging business demands.

The third solution, IBM Kenexa Predictive Retention, guards clients against future talent attrition by helping organizations compile and analyze high-volume workforce data.

IBM’s new dedicated Talent and Change consulting practice addresses four key areas– Organizational Change, Talent Analytics, Employee Experience and HR Cloud – with an overall focus on helping clients use cloud to deploy, manage and access their HR solutions and assets to drive business results, IBM said.

The new practice also helps clients accelerate the adoption of IBM’s Smarter Workforce offerings, and helps them embrace new technologies such as IBM SPSS predictive analytics to create a competitive advantage.

Debbie Landers, general manager, Smarter Workforce and Kenexa, IBM, commented,  “The new offerings give clients a more holistic, data-driven approach that uses workforce science to predict the best fit for an individual or team across a number of personal and organizational traits.  They are designed to complement the expertise of business leaders and HR professionals, while giving them the tools and insights needed to drive lasting change across the organization.”

The new offerings are available today and will soon be accessible through the IBM Cloud marketplace, alongside more than 100 other IBM SaaS solutions, IBM said.

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