IBM to build private cloud for Evalueserve for virtual desktop infrastructure

Enterprise IT vendor IBM India will build private cloud for knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) firm Evalueserve to support its virtual desktop infrastructure for its 2,000 employees.

The private cloud deployed on IBM Systems will increase productivity significantly, said IBM.

Evalueserve employees need access to client applications and data to provide consulting, research and analytics services through a network of knowledge centers in Chile, China, India, and Romania. IT infrastructure, specifically its server and storage resources, did not support the KPO for operating at maximum capacity.

IBM developed a private cloud solution using IBM Systems, Storage and the IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business solution. The upgraded IT platform is capable of supporting a private cloud and a virtual desktop infrastructure for nearly 2,000 users.

Sachin Jain, CIO, Evalueserve

Sachin Jain, CIO, Evalueserve, said: “IBM helped us create a scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure which can easily support our growth for the next 10 years.”

In addition, the new platform helped Evalueserve to optimize existing infrastructure resources in a virtualized environment, which provided its employees quicker access to client research data. It also significantly reduced energy costs leading to improved ROI on existing IT infrastructure.

Evalueserve has reported an overall reduction in management effort needed for creation of VDI. The solution assisted the company to improve system availability and flexibility and accelerated client response times.

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