Google Cloud to power Agrology in monitoring crops

Agrology, a provider of predictive agriculture platform, announced partnership with Google Cloud to assist farmers.
Google Cloud at IT trade showUsing Agrology’s Predictive Agriculture Platform, growers are leveraging Google Cloud and TensorFlow to monitor crops and receive predictions on irrigation, extreme weather, soil carbon respiration and sequestration, pest and disease outbreaks, and more.

The two companies kicked off their partnership in June at the 2022 Google Cloud Sustainability Summit. Both companies are now working to develop new technologies to help farmers face a new era of climate threats and embrace sustainability opportunities.

Agrology uses TensorFlow to forecast microclimate conditions on farms and Google Cloud to process the data Agrology gathers in customers’ fields. They use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models to process data. Agrology uses Google Earth Engine to analyze terrain and determine geographical impacts such as the accumulation of smoke, fog, or carbon dioxide in specific areas.

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