GE Healthcare deploys VMware SD-WAN to deliver cloud-based services

VMware announced GE Healthcare will deploy VMware SD-WAN, now part of VMware SASE, to deliver cloud-based services to GE Healthcare customers.
VMware at Mobile World Congress“Patient monitoring and diagnostic data analysis are moving from the datacenter to the edge. With this shift, healthcare providers and their technology partners require a software-defined, high-performing, secure network,” said Sanjay Uppal, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider and Edge, VMware.

“VMware SD-WAN provides this network overlay to prioritize and move high-fidelity, latency-sensitive data to the cloud and between edge locations. Leveraging VMware SD-WAN enables GE Healthcare to offer rapid, more securely deployed, and easily accessed virtual care solutions.”

GE Healthcare recently launched OnWatch Network Edge to assist customers that use GE Healthcare’s cloud-hosted services. GE Healthcare leverages VMware SD-WAN with OnWatch Network Edge to deliver these services to customers without compromising quality of service or security of patient data.

VMware is the first SD-WAN partner to integrate its technology with OnWatch Network Edge in this manner.

“GE Healthcare offers a suite of precision healthcare applications that are both on-premises and cloud-based. OnWatch Network Edge provides an easy way to deploy these large-scale integrations. VMware’s SD-WAN technology enables reliable deployment of latency-sensitive and data-intensive applications,” said Paul Jones, Global Product Manager for GE Healthcare.

GE Healthcare previously integrated VMware’s AIOps solution, Edge Network Intelligence, with its OnWatch Network Performance solution that helps healthcare providers proactively analyze and monitor their enterprise and clinical networks.

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