Deutsche Bank Adopts Exadata Cloud@Customer For Big Cost Savings

Oracle has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in cloud technology with the introduction of Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer.
Oracle Cloud for CIOsDeutsche Bank adopts Exadata Cloud@Customer for big cost savings

“Oracle fits into our strategy and complements our existing journey. There will be applications staying in the on-premises world, and we need to invest in simplifying them. It fully supports our cloud strategy, supports consuming technology as a service, and comes with significant financial benefits,” Bernd Leukert, Head of Technology, Data and Innovation, Deutsche Bank.

This innovative rack-scale cloud infrastructure empowers businesses to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) compute services in any location. With Compute Cloud@Customer, organizations can seamlessly develop, deploy, secure, and manage workloads using the same software stack found in OCI, even in compact deployments like a single rack.

The versatility of Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer allows enterprises to run applications and middleware on OCI’s compute, storage, and networking services within their own data centers. Especially when paired with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, this solution becomes an optimal platform for workloads closely integrated with Oracle databases.

Through this approach, businesses can utilize OCI services both in their data centers and Oracle Cloud Regions, benefiting from consistent APIs and management tools that deliver a unified user experience across the board. This capability enables organizations to streamline operations and reduce costs by consolidating existing workloads and deploying new cloud-native applications on a fully managed cloud platform within their data centers.

Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, emphasized the significance of providing a consistent experience across various service locations. He noted, “Oracle provides a choice of OCI public cloud regions, Dedicated Region, and Cloud@Customer platforms that customers can combine to create a globally distributed cloud solution.” This flexibility enables customers to achieve their strategic cloud objectives while addressing data residency requirements and accessing high-performance connections for latency-sensitive applications.

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is designed with both high performance and high availability in mind, making it suitable for a wide range of organization sizes and distributed cloud deployment scenarios. Its scalability is evident, starting from 552 processor cores and 150 TB of usable storage, and expanding independently to accommodate over 6,000 processor cores and 3.4 PB of storage capacity.

Unlike on-premises offerings from other public cloud providers that often rely on third-party components, Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is a fully integrated cloud platform entirely developed, installed, owned, and managed by Oracle. It boasts complete compatibility with OCI public cloud regions and OCI Dedicated Region, offering the same core OCI cloud services at competitive pricing. By reducing the maintenance and upgrade burden on customers, Oracle enables them to focus on developing and running cloud-native applications anywhere.

Srikanth Doranadula, Group Vice President of Technology and System at Oracle India, highlighted the value of Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer in the context of India’s growing cloud adoption. He stressed its ability to fulfill the need for data sovereignty, scalability, data residency, and low-latency connectivity. The solution not only harnesses OCI’s high-performance capabilities but also aids in meeting stringent data residency and security mandates efficiently.

Ron Westfall, Research Director at The Futurum Group, praised Oracle’s Compute Cloud@Customer for delivering a robust cloud experience on-premises, standing out from other offerings that often fall short in comparison to their public cloud counterparts.

Security remains a paramount concern, and Oracle ensures that data on Compute Cloud@Customer is always encrypted to enhance protection. The OCI Console empowers organizations to exercise full control over data locality, replication, and backups, enabling them to meet rigorous data residency and privacy requirements. Furthermore, OCI-based authorization and authentication can seamlessly incorporate Compute Cloud@Customer as a resource into an OCI tenancy, establishing a unified environment spanning on-premises and OCI Region data centers.

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer marks the latest addition to Oracle’s array of distributed cloud offerings, which include Oracle Alloy, OCI public cloud regions, Oracle E.U. Sovereign Cloud, Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, OCI Dedicated Region, and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer. These offerings provide deployment options that encompass the full functionality of over 100 OCI services, enabling organizations to choose the configuration that aligns with their location, performance, security, compliance, and operational preferences. In essence, Oracle’s distributed cloud strategy ensures that businesses can deploy software consistently wherever it is needed, ushering in a new era of cloud computing possibilities.

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