Dell World 2013: Dell to bring CenturyLink Cloud via Cloud partner program

At the Dell World 2013, IT enterprise vendor Dell announced its plans to bring CenturyLink Cloud via Cloud partner program.

Dell says Dell-CenturyLink alliance enables Dell customers to access public cloud services, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which can be deployed across CenturyLink’s data center footprint.

In addition, customers gain the added benefit of having Dell serve as the single-source supplier through the Dell Cloud Partner Program, providing centralized solution integration, control and direct support.


Suku Krishnaraj, vice president and general manager of cloud at CenturyLink’s Savvis organization, said: “Our partnership with Dell allows businesses to run the simplest workload to the most complex, demanding application on public cloud environments with ease and confidence to quickly and consistently achieve measurable business results.”

Through the Dell-CenturyLink alliance, Dell customers benefit from CenturyLink Cloud’s compute, storage and networking services. Each service is accessible via web services API and in a unified management interface that includes significant automation and orchestration features specifically for CenturyLink Cloud. A PaaS offering based on Cloud Foundry and Iron Foundry is also available.

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