Dell powers cloud-based file sharing app myApollo

Infotech Lead America: Dell has partnered with Canadian social networking start-up Arroware Industries to launch its cloud-based file sharing application myApollo.

The cloud-based app will be launched in Fall 2013.

myApollo has attracted millions in Canadian investment funding used in part to finance the company’s $2.5 million technology infrastructure purchased from Dell.

Dell worked in partnership with Arroware to design an end-to-end platform that can immediately handle the myApollo network and scale as it grows.

The enterprise technology including servers, storage, network appliances, security and switches from Dell provided a complete end-to-end solution that combines energy efficiency with flexibility, manageability, scalability and longevity.

Unlike other cloud-based file sharing services that house content in vast data warehouses, myApollo harnesses the unused power of its users’ hardware devices to store, sync and stream media files, allowing users to create personal networks of trusted devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops through which they can connect and share files irrespective of the platform or location.

This file-sharing model in myApollo has ground-breaking implications beyond simply sharing media content between a user and their network’s devices, the company says. For example, Arroware expects myApollo to become a useful e-commerce tool for the entertainment industry, allowing artists to sell content to other myApollo users without the expense of paying for storage or bandwidth transmission.

Content will be stored on the network and directed as requested to a myApollo user. Arroware also expects to generate revenue by allowing advertisers to place highly-targeted and relevant advertising campaigns on the network, directing advertising only to interested myApollo users.

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