CSC awarded a $91 million contract by U.S. DOT and FAA

CSC has been awarded a contract to implement a cloud software-as-a-service solution for U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Enterprise Messaging System.

The contract is on a one-year base period and six option years. The estimated value of the contract comes out to be $91 million. Under this contract FAA will join in the growing list of federal agencies moving their email and collaboration applications to the cloud. The contract was signed during the first quarter of CSC financial year 2013.

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, CSC will provide Microsoft Office 365 in Microsoft’s secure cloud environment. This would include comprehensive email, collaboration, messaging, legal eDiscovery and other office applications to meet the FAA’s objective to cost-effectively access data any time at any place from virtually any device. CSC intends to bring 80,000 users spread across multiple email systems together in Microsoft Office 365.

“CSC’s ‘as-a-service’ expertise Microsoft Office 365 will allow the FAA to benefit from the transparency, collaboration and on-demand capabilities that cloud computing offers,” said Leif Ulstrup, president of CSC’s North American Public Sector Federal Consulting Practice. “We have worked closely with the FAA for 40 years, and we commend its efforts to move toward a secure, cost-effective and flexible enterprise-wide cloud solution.”

The contract awarded to CSC was in the response to the “Cloud First” policy put forth by the Office of Management and Budget to integrate flexible and scalable services wherever possible in the whole world. FAA’s move to a consolidated cloud service will significantly improve productivity and communications across DOT and FAA operations.

“Microsoft is very pleased to be part of the CSC team as we move the FAA securely to the cloud, improving the agency’s email, team collaboration and productivity with Office 365,” said Curt Kolcun, vice president of U.S. Public Sector for Microsoft. “The Administration’s Cloud First policy is helping critical agencies like the FAA not only save real dollars, but also helps in applying resources better towards meeting their strategic mission.”

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