Citrix desktop virtualization to cut help desk tickets by 30% for Fullerton

Citrix desktop virtualization is set to assist Fullerton India Credit Company, a non-banking finance company (NBFC), to achieve 70 percent savings from power costs and 30 percent reduction in help desk tickets.

In addition, Citrix XenDesktop will assist Fullerton India IT administrators to easily manage thousands of PCs as a single unit, from a central location, regardless of hardware or vendor type.

Additionally, employees can now also securely access their desktops from any location and devices. This has directly improved productivity and efficiency of users, Citrix said on Monday in a statement.

Citrix desktop virtualization to cut help desk tickets by 30 percent for Fullerton

Fullerton India with 368 branches, benefited from the initial plans to virtualize 700 desktops during the first phase of the implementation.

Citrix had implemented server virtualization for Fullerton India in 2009, and the company decided to replicate its success for desktop virtualisation with XenDesktop.

The first phase covering 700 desktops is well underway and the second phase is to be completed by March 2014, which will replace 1500 additional desktops.

“The results have been tremendous, resulting in improved IT management and maintenance, reduction in overall power consumption, optimum storage utilization and increased productivity. Once the implementation and roll out is completed, we will be looking at ways to leverage this implementation by introducing BYOD in our organization,” said Anoop Handa, CIO, Fullerton India.

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