CAPCOM Partners with Google Cloud to Elevate Game Launches Worldwide

Google Cloud, a renowned leader in cloud computing solutions, has unveiled an exciting collaboration with CAPCOM, a prominent game developer, publisher, and distributor. The partnership centers around leveraging Google Cloud’s robust and secure infrastructure to facilitate seamless, high-performance, and secure global game launches.
Google Cloud businessIn the fast-paced landscape of live service games, the success of a game launch often shapes the trajectory of its long-term viability. Ensuring that players can access the game without any network-related impediments is a paramount concern for game companies. Through its partnership with Google Cloud, CAPCOM is now equipped to effortlessly manage the complexities of live game workloads on a global scale, while maintaining a consistent and reliable gameplay experience for users around the world.

A notable testament to the collaboration’s effectiveness is the launch of CAPCOM’s latest addition to the iconic Street Fighter series, Street Fighter 6. Since its introduction earlier this year, the game has garnered immense popularity, selling more than two million units worldwide. The success of Street Fighter 6 has been underpinned by Google Cloud’s secure network infrastructure and the dynamic scaling capabilities of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Cloud Spanner. These powerful solutions contribute to a seamless player experience by ensuring uninterrupted access to the game’s online and multiplayer features, including the acclaimed Battle Lounge and Custom Rooms. GKE, recognized as an optimal platform for managing live game computing on a grand scale, effectively assists players in connecting to nearby servers, irrespective of their geographic locations.

Shinichi Inoue, Vice President of Engineering at CAPCOM, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “With Street Fighter 6, CAPCOM is taking a revolutionary new look at fighting games that entertain new and returning players alike. It was critical that the launch of the latest title in the acclaimed Street Fighter series made a flawless first impression. Working with Google Cloud ensured a seamless, scalable, and secure launch that enabled us to host over a hundred thousand players at once.”

Jack Buser, Director of Games at Google Cloud, emphasized the shared vision underlying the collaboration, stating, “At Google Cloud, we believe that a game’s success should be dependent on the strength of the game’s enjoyment, not limited to the strength of its infrastructure. By bringing the best of Google to game developers around the world, we support CAPCOM’s mission to create unforgettable gameplay experiences that stay in the hearts and minds of players for generations to come.”

As the partnership between Google Cloud and CAPCOM continues to unfold, the gaming community eagerly anticipates the innovative and transformative advancements that will undoubtedly shape the future of gaming.

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