BT launches new generation cloud services

BT has launched clouds of clouds, a new generation of cloud services — enabling large enterprises to connect to the applications and the data they need, independently of where they are hosted.
Additionally, customers can integrate and orchestrate the IT resources hosted on their own private clouds as well as on BT’s global cloud platform and on the platforms of other leading cloud providers.
Company officials said its global network infrastructure helps the new services.
Company said the new services rely on innovative technology developed by BT and its partners in the fields of diversified infrastructure management, service management, global network optimization, application performance acceleration and security.
BT’s new services aims in delivery of services in future and is underpinned by a wide range of services and industry sector solutions, delivered over BT’s global network infrastructure.

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The services are managed using BT’s new Cloud Management System by customers through a single user-friendly service catalogue.
“We aim to provide our customers with a strong end-to-end service level agreement guaranteeing performance, predictability and flexibility,” said Luis Alvarez, CEO of BT Global Services.
Customers has the choices by bringing together the best services in the cloud from BT and from partners such as Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Equinix, HP, Interxion, Microsoft and Salesforce.
Company officials said IT infrastructure and applications are delivered as a service to customers across BT’s global network.
Additionally, applications from BT allow the deployment of applications on the cloud and support the development of new cloud services.
Few days ago, BT launched an advanced security platform, Assure Cyber, promising monitoring, detection and protection against cyber threats targeted at private sector and government organizations.
In February, BT and Scala partnered to supply digital solutions globally.

Shilpa Khatri
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