Brentwood Industries to Modernize Operations with Infor CloudSuite Industrial

In a significant strategic move, industry cloud company Infor has announced a partnership with longtime customer Brentwood Industries to revamp and modernize its business processes using Infor CloudSuite Industrial, a robust cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for manufacturing companies.
Infor for enterprisesBrentwood Industries, headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, is a second-generation family business specializing in plastics manufacturing and innovative applications of plastic materials. The company’s products play a vital role in various industries, including power generation and distribution, water treatment processes, and medical device packaging. With 15 world-class manufacturing facilities spread across the United States and the world, Brentwood is a recognized leader in its field.

Having been an Infor customer since 1996, Brentwood has historically operated Infor ERP solutions on-premises at its facilities. However, in January 2022, Brentwood expanded its capabilities and global presence by acquiring Enexio Water Technologies, a German-based company. This acquisition presented a unique opportunity for Brentwood to modernize its business processes, especially considering that Enexio Water Technologies used a different ERP system.

To leverage this opportunity for optimization and standardization across all facilities, Brentwood has chosen to implement Infor CloudSuite Industrial, a cloud-based ERP solution tailored specifically for manufacturing organizations. The deployment of this solution will be undertaken in collaboration with Infor’s partner, Decision Resources Inc. (DRI). Initially, the implementation will commence at Brentwood’s facilities in Tijuana, Mexico, and the company will assess the potential for a broader rollout across the entire organization.

Dennis Reed, Global Head of Technology at Brentwood, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Brentwood is excited to continue its long-standing relationship with Infor by adopting the CloudSuite Industrial platform as part of our overall IT strategy. This will enable us to improve and enhance the efficiency of our processes through standardization and implementation of industry best practices.”

By embracing Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Brentwood anticipates numerous benefits, including real-time data visibility, streamlined production processes, and improved supply chain management. With a comprehensive suite of tools for managing financials, orders, inventory, production, and quality control, Infor CloudSuite Industrial is expected to help Brentwood reduce costs, boost operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. Moreover, its cloud-based architecture ensures scalability and flexibility, making it well-suited to support Brentwood’s future growth initiatives.

This strategic alliance between Brentwood Industries Inc. and Infor reflects a commitment to innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing sector, highlighting the importance of modern technology solutions in today’s competitive business landscape.

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