BMC Software taps Skyhigh Networks to adopt public cloud services

Enterprise IT management vendor BMC Software has selected Skyhigh Networks for the adoption of public cloud services across their organization.

“Skyhigh enables us to embrace cloud services while ensuring the appropriate levels of privacy, compliance, and governance that our organization requires,” said Mark Settle, CIO at BMC Software.

Skyhigh analyzes the use of all cloud services to identify opportunities for IT to enable employees by subscribing to specific services, to reduce risk and cost by consolidating and better managing subscriptions, and to highlight anomalous behavior that may indicate a security breach, data leak, or compliance violation, said Skyhigh Networks in a statement.


Skyhigh enforces the organization’s policies on the use of specific cloud services by controlling access, encrypting data with customer managed keys, preventing sensitive data from being disclosed (e.g., PII, PHI), and providing a live log of all accesses to specific cloud services. Finally, Skyhigh enables secure mobile access to approved cloud services without requiring any agent, footprint, or other friction to the end user.

“Organizations like BMC are embracing the cloud revolution head on, and this proactive approach allows IT departments to partner with lines of business and create a secure environment for the productive use of cloud services,” said Rajiv Gupta, founder and CEO of Skyhigh Networks.

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