BCS ties up with Aerohive to set up secure collaborative network environment

BCS (Baggage Control Services) Group, a provider of baggage handling and logistics solutions for the aviation industry, has deployed Aerohive to set up a secure collaborative network environment for its distributed offices and project teams.

Aerohive Networks, a provider of cloud-enabled enterprise networking infrastructure, will enable BCS to deploy a combination of BR100’s and Aerohive AP’s, as well as Aerohive’s Cloud VPN Gateway and Hive Manager Virtual appliance for zero touch deployment and centralized management and administration.

BCS selected Aerohive solution due to its ease of management, rich functionality and ability to provide an integrated wired and wireless network that will cost-effectively scale alongside business growth.

BCS claims that Aerohive has reduced management overhead for BCS. The cloud-based network solution has brought the IT team zero touch deployment for its dispersed working environment. It has also eliminated travelling requirements for diagnostics and support.

Thanks to the Aerohive solution, operational staff working in plants can walk around the plant with the technology, rather than sitting in the control room. It gives employees the mobility and real-time information they need to be productive.

“Before it was a big challenge when we’d set up a project team utilizing people skills from all over the world, but since the Aerohive network has been in place, it has pulled everything together. It is now easy to centralize all our information, and provide packages that everyone can use with an underlying network that is both stable and available,” said Brett Hobbs, BCS Systems Architect Infrastructure Manager.

“One of the best features is that it’s a really hands off product. The rules are set up and then the device just automatically configures. I can now deploy other branch offices without having to be present; I just have to tell someone to plug it in. So it has saved on travelling time and cost. I have the peace of mind that when we deploy into another country I don’t have to be there, as the solution and technology has proved itself,” Hobbs added.

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