Adobe unveils two new Marketing Cloud solutions

Adobe – at Summit 2015, its annual digital marketing conference in the U.S. – has unveiled two new Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

The company said Adobe Primetime is a multi-screen TV platform, and Audience Manager is its data management platform. The company also announced new capabilities for Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics.

Audience Manager offers new capabilities to gain insight into customer journeys, including a new Audience Marketplace to buy and sell anonymous audience data, and cross-device identification that lets marketers take advantage of user authentications to target individuals in a household that share a single device.

Adobe Audience Manager's cross-device identification capability

Adobe Primetime, used by NBC Sports, Comcast, Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner Cable and others, allows marketers and ad operations professionals to import first-, second- and third-party audience data into Audience Manager and execute ad campaigns.

Adobe Marketing Cloud enables brands to extend the impact of marketing across more touch points including wearables and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

Adobe Experience Manager Screens and Adobe Target now bring highly personalized experiences to physical spaces like retail stores and hotel rooms and enable marketers to optimize content across any IoT device.

The new IoT SDK lets brands measure and analyze consumer engagement across any of those devices, and new Intelligent Location capabilities allow companies to use GPS and iBeacon data to optimize their physical brand presence.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Unites Data-driven Marketing and Ad Tech

Adobe Marketing Cloud unites data-driven marketing and Ad tech

Adobe has unveiled a new algorithmic engine and advances in Adobe Marketing Cloud Audience Core Services to bring together data-driven marketing and ad tech.

Stephan Beringer, chief executive officer at VivaKi, said: “Adobe Marketing Cloud allows us to fully align first, second and third party sources from Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and other agency data sources to maximize audience reach for all our clients.”

Adobe streamlines mobile marketing and app development

Adobe has unveiled enhancements to Adobe Mobile Services that include an integrated mobile app framework.

Adobe brings marketing intelligence to IoT devices

Adobe said the new IoT SDK lets brands measure and analyze consumer engagement across devices.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is utilizing analytics and technology including Adobe Marketing Cloud to improve customer experience.

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