InfotechLead Tech Deployment Awards 2018 announced, a prominent news website for IT decision makers, today announced the Tech Deployment Awards 2018.

IT / technology companies, CIOs, IT heads, channel partners, etc. can submit the nominations by 30 September 2018.

The period of technology deployment should be 2017-2018.

This is the first Tech Deployment Awards. This will be an annual award for recognizing the best technology deployments in the IT space.

Award Process

Jury members along with editors will select around 30 tech deployments in the global IT markets.

The input should contain the following information

# Achievements to client/s from technology deployment and client objectives
# Technology Innovation
# Benefits of technology
# Challenges in technology deployment
# Clients’ name (optional)
# People / partners behind the deployment
# How did you land the tech deal – direct negotiation, tender, channel partner, etc.

Activities for Tech Deployment Awards 2018

# Press release announcing InfotechLead Tech Deployment Awards 2018
# will publish winners of InfotechLead Tech Deployment Awards 2018 in its website
# InfotechLead Tech Deployment Awards 2018 banner in InfotechLead and TelecomLead websites
# Articles with supporting videos/images and official quote
# Backlink to the winner company website page
# E-mailers to over 80K contacts featuring InfotechLead Tech Deployment Awards 2018


The registration fee is $550 per entry for all companies to enter the program. There will be a full refund of the money if you are not selected for the InfotechLead Tech Deployment Awards 2018.

You can make the payment via online bank transfer or paypal. We will share more details if you respond to us.

The last date for accepting nominations is September 15, 2018. You can submit the entries highlighting achievements to [email protected].

Winners of InfotechLead Technology Deployment Award 2018 will be announced in November-December 2018.

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