e.l.f. Beauty drives revenue through digital transformation

e.l.f. Beauty CEO Tarang Amin has revealed that the cosmetics brand has gained from making investment in digital transformation initiatives.
e.l.f. Beauty and digital transformation
e.l.f. Beauty reported sales of $81 million and adjusted EBITDA of $21 million during the third quarter.

The beauty brand kept approximately 11.5 percent of revenue for marketing and e-commerce spend versus 7 percent a year ago. This rate was about 150 basis points below objectives due to the timing of some of the spend.

“We are measuring the success of our investments primarily by looking at top line growth alongside internal metrics on reach conversion engagement, as well as external metrics like Google Search and earned media value, all of which exceeded our expectations,” e.l.f. Beauty CEO Tarang Amin said.

The brand has executed eye, lip, face TikTok challenge. The challenge has now gone it over 4.4 billion users on TikTok with over 3 million user created videos, a record for any brand challenge. It started the campaign by creating an original 15-second eyes, lips, face song as a backdrop to user generated videos.

“Throughout this TikTok journey, we learned the importance of being nimble and open to new approaches to connect with our consumers. It also showed us the strong partners on imperative in this new digital landscape,” Tarang Ameen said.

Adweek called eyes, lips, face the most influential campaign on TikTok. Forbes featured e.l.f. as one of the 14 social campaigns that rocked 2019.

e.l.f. was front and center at salesforce’s Dreamforce conference as the only beauty company utilizing the entire salesforce cloud platform across commerce, marketing and customer service.

The company launched e.l.f.e., a customer service engine to serve e-commerce consumers 24/7. It has 1.6 million beauty squad members who account for over 65 percent of e-commerce sales. Its Instagram followers reached over 5 million, up 27 percent versus year ago.

It has implemented Afterpay in Google 360 to make purchasing e.l.f. simple. It also launched a new mobile app on Apple and Google which will further enable receipt scanning and personalization.

It is also achieving benefits in the automation of warehouse facilities. The company’s new liquid fill manufacturing facility in Southern California will start operations in the next six weeks.

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