26% IT heads say CIO has no role in new tech deployments: SolarWinds survey

26 percent respondents said their CIO is either a barrier to or uninvolved in the process of adopting new technologies, said a survey by SolarWinds, a provider of IT performance management software.

92 percent indicated that adopting new technologies is at least somewhat important to their organization’s long-term success.

Half of Australian IT professionals consider the primary role of their CIO to be providing strategic counsel and guidance, but 41 percent cited more frequent or better guidance from the CIO as their top need. 33 percent indicated a need for stronger CIO support when liaising with other business leaders.

41 percent said their organizations’ most recent significant technology adoption achieved the expected return on investment within the projected timeframe, citing budget limitations (74 percent) and the inability to convince business decision makers of the need or benefit (64 percent) and inability to prove return on investment (43 percent) as the top barriers to technology adoption.


84 percent said their organizations’ end-users were negatively affected by a performance or availability issue with business critical technology in the past 12 months; nearly one-third of those reported that such issues occurred six times or more.

Over 50 percent of survey-takers said more resources, such as budget, personnel and time, ranked as their number one need to feel more empowered.

More or better strategic counsel and guidance from the CIO (41 percent), stronger CIO support when liaising with other business leaders (33 percent), more or better training and development (23 percent) and greater IT department autonomy (22 percent) rounded out the list of IT’s top five needs ranked number one by IT professionals surveyed.

SolarWinds said the findings of this year’s report are based on a survey fielded in December 2014, which yielded responses from 177 IT practitioners, managers and directors in Australia from public and private sector small, mid-size and enterprise companies.

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