Sitel brings social media monitoring and social engagement services

Sitel has launched the next generation of its social media services called Sitel Social Monitoring and Social Engagement Services that assists its clients’ customers to interact with brands in their social channels of choice.

The customer care vendor said Sitel Social Monitoring and Social Engagement Service assists its clients to monitor, support and engage with end users in major social networks, providing ability to understand, inform and influence customers and prospects.

The company claims that this kind of interactions will ensure improved satisfaction and loyalty among end users. As a result, social agents can interact with customers to address needs in order to drive tailored products and services, said Sitel.


Sitel SVP and CIO David Hisaw said that Social Monitoring Services monitor for and dissect social conversations to uncover trends and route actionable opportunities to appropriate client experts. Sitel measures buzz, analyzes sentiment, determines impact and provides a dashboard that displays key social metrics, such as trends, keywords and traffic.

In addition, Social Engagement Services enable real-time customer interaction and engagement to inform, respond and influence customers and potential buyers across social networks.

The launch is significant for customer-centric enterprises because growing consumer participation on the Web is already transforming social media into a self-service channel, forcing businesses to adapt quickly.

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