Mindlance plans to cut 6 percent of its full time employees

Kamal Sharma, group CIO & ITIM SBU head at Mindlance India

Infotech Lead India: Mindlance India is planning to cut 6 percent of its full time employees.


The employee reduction is part of Mindlance India’s restructuring and right-sizing plans to simplify the operations and focus on its core competencies and growing market areas.


The right sizing will affect the IT infrastructure services division of Mindlance India.


Mindlance is a global business and information technology consulting firm providing services via professional consulting, outsourcing and staff augmentation delivery channels for the targeted verticals. Mindlance has 350+ customers including top global companies in financial services, life sciences, healthcare, high technology, as well as government.


Mindlance India will be taking a major restructuring initiative to focus on multiple operational improvements to simplify the operations and focus on its core competencies.


“Our strategy and initiative is not about cost-reduction; it is about positioning Mindlance India to grow in the ever changing dynamic market. We want to be well prepared to face future challenges and be better aligned to our customers’ needs. This restructuring and right sizing exercise has no impact on other division of Mindlance’s worldwide business in USA, UK and Canada,” said Kamal Sharma, group CIO & ITIM SBU head at Mindlance India.


Mindlance India has also prepared a plan to immediately help, assist and guide the affected employees from the right sizing exercise. The company is ready with a team of recruiters, who will work closely with these affected employees and help them get placed in their next job.


Mindlance said it will continue to work on its innovative solution portfolio which focuses on End to End solution for complex sectoral based needs of the customers.


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