Infosys to deploy cloud platform for Catholic Education Commission of Victoria

Infosys said it will design and implement a new cloud-based administration and technology platform for the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) in Australia.

The Bengaluru-based Infosys said school-administration-as-a-service platform, which will be hosted in Australia by Amazon Web Services (AWS), will assist CECV to improve management and reporting for nearly 500 primary and secondary Catholic schools representing 200,000 students.

Infosys said the cloud-based model will assist CECV to reduce IT infrastructure cost and maintenance effort. CECV will benefit from pay-as-you-go flexibility and can add new functionality and scale in the future, without significant up-front investment.

The new platform will help standardize and automate activities such as financial reporting and records management, reducing administration time and improving accuracy and timeliness of reporting.


As per the deal, the initial implementation will establish the foundation technology and administration layer for CECV’s Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) platform, delivering school administration, IT infrastructure, systems integration and identity management functions. Future enhancements will add e-learning and business intelligence functionality.

Infosys will be responsible for establishing and managing the entire platform, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications as well as infrastructure, commonly known as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), respectively.

Stephen Elder, executive director of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, said: “This new platform will reduce high infrastructure costs and reduce manual reporting and administration. This will free staff up to focus on what matters most in schools – educating the children in our care.”

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