Digital disruptions to drive IT market in 2016: Mphasis

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Rajeev Sawhney, president of IT services company Mphasis, says digital disruptions will drive the IT market in 2016.

Digital is going to suddenly expand the market. At the same time, there is going to be a significant compression in the traditional IT market.

What do we foresee in 2016?

With technology constantly being upgraded, we expect to see a lot of breakthrough trends in the coming year. Ranging from IoT to Wearables and Robotics, the technology industry will see a lot of automation services in the year 2016. However, below are some trends that we can expect for 2016:

# Significant focus on replacing humans with software. We expect low end work in Infrastructure Services and BPM to be done by applications / tools / software, displacing humans

# Significant movement of non-production workloads and even production workload of non-critical work to move to the cloud

# IoT based technologies and business process innovations will become mainstream across industries; associated high volume data sets will open up huge opportunities for Big Data, Advanced Analytics and real time big data extraction; transformation, analysis and predictive analytics application requirements will further mushroom

# Complex tasks to be simplified with tools & automation becoming simpler tasks and hence moving offshore

# We expect completely new technologies (e.g. Wearables, HaloLens, Robotics, Drones etc.) to be adopted by enterprises in order to gain an edge over competition

Rajeev Sawhney, president of IT services company Mphasis
[email protected]

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