Digital biz drives Cognizant revenue to grow 20% in Q1 2015

Cognizant today said its Q1 2015 revenues rose 20.2 percent to $2.91 billion, while net income grew to $382.9 million from $348.9 million.

Francisco D’Souza, chief executive officer of Cognizant, said: “The investments we have made in digital, automation, utility-based delivery models, consulting and industry-specific expertise are clearly paying off.”

Gordon Coburn, president of Cognizant, said: “The shift to a digital enterprise is driving greater demand for our traditional services and solutions as clients find the need to keep pace with the speed and scale of innovation and maintain their competitive advantage.”

Cognizant said its second quarter 2015 revenue will be nearly $3.01 billion, while fiscal 2015 revenue is expected to be at least $12.24 billion, up at least 19.3 percent compared to 2014.

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