DBS Bank taps NICE optimization solution for its Singapore contact center

Infotech Lead Asia: DBS Bank has tied up with NICE to use its analytics-based quality optimization solution at its contact center in Singapore.


NICE claims that the NICE technology enables DBS to enhance its contact center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by reducing average call handle time and call volume.


The selection of NICE solutions is significant for DBS as its contact center handles over five million calls each year. The solution is targeted at improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by providing comprehensive analyses of customer interactions and highlighting areas for improvement.


NICE’s analytics technology assist the Singapore bank to effectively identify the type of calls that require longer handling time – whether these relate to products or services. Once these calls are flagged, the analytics solution goes one step further to pinpoint the key phrases that repeat across these calls. The bank then uses this information to determine the underlying causes, such as unclear communications, process issues, or agent knowledge gaps.


DBS is also using NICE analytics to reduce call volume by improving first-contact resolution. This is done by identifying the reasons for repeat contact from the same customer – for instance, inquiries on payment status and online transactions. DBS can then tailor its responses to better address customer needs.


“As an Asian bank, serving our customers well and building strong bonds with them is important. NICE’s advanced analytics technology further enhances our capabilities to improve customer engagement. It also allows us to better equip our agents with skills and knowledge that help them provide better and more personalized service,” said Lena Low, head of the DBS Customer Center.


The NICE Quality Optimization solution gives DBS overall visibility of the entire contact center operation and of individual agent performance. This enables DBS to evaluate employee performance and provide additional coaching where needed. Using all of these tools, DBS can streamline operations, create a distinct customer experience, and increase revenues.


“The implementation represents a further significant step in the long-term relationship between DBS and NICE and a strong collaboration for innovation in the customer service space,” said Sherie Ng, managing director, NICE South East Asia.


Driven by real-time, cross-channel analytics, NICE provides solutions for increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center and back office operations. NICE Enterprise solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes, branches, trading floors and back offices.


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