Americold selects Software AG to enhance supply chain


Americold has selected Software AG to enhance robust supply chain capabilities.

With Software AG’s webMethods portfolio, customers can access their orders at every stage of the order lifecycle, from time of customer creation to final delivery through its i-3PL supply chain control system.

The company said Americold can capture and integrate data from Americold’s B2B, warehouse, transportation and ERP solutions using webMethods to produce advanced intelligence for customers.

In addition, webMethods Integration Server also connects company’s Warehouse Management System to its B2B Gateway for digital transformation in Americold.

This apart, Software AG also creates appropriate alerts for any issue by monitoring customer orders and shipment processes.

Additionally, Software AG’s MashZone serves as the user interface from where information is gathered.

“The webMethods product integrates information from multiple sources enabling Americold management, partners, and customers to access to live, accurate data, reports and alerts enabling them to take action, reshape demand, and make critical decisions more confidently,” said Thomas Musgrave, executive vice president and chief information officer.

In May, Software AG offered its webMethods software including Integration Server, Universal Messaging, SAP Adapter, JDBC Adapter, CloudStreams, Trading Networks and ActiveTransfer under a free 180-day trial.

Also, Software AG revealed progress in customer traction and partner expansion with its Digital Business Platform.

In April, Software AG launched Apama Market Surveillance solution which includes simplified administration of highly localized surveillance that is surveillance by business line, by department, by geography.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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