Accenture IT deal assists Northside Hospital to save $5 mn

Accenture Industry X.0 model
IT services company Accenture is assisting Northside Hospital to transform supply chain and procurement operations to reduce utilities and telecommunications costs.

Accenture using a managed services approach helped Northside Hospital establish a model that is expected to generate $5 million in annual savings.

Accenture helped Northside simplify bill review and payment activities and rationalize its energy and telecom service providers. Accenture helped set up online billing portals to improve visibility into detailed account information.

In addition, Accenture is assisting Northside Hospital to migrate processes from paper to digital means, enabling faster analysis of aggregated expenditures.

“Selecting Accenture to manage several indirect spend categories allowed our supply chain organization to focus on our core competencies during a period of rapid growth,” said Carl Waller, vice president of Supply Chain at Northside Hospital.

Accenture’s work is helping Northside Hospital achieve significant financial and operating improvements, including $3 million in annual telecom savings and the identification of $1 million in annual energy savings.

Accenture said the initiatives resulted in one-time refunds of $800,000 for telecom contracts; quick-hit refunds of approximately $400,000 for energy contracts; and improved contract compliance.

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