5 reasons software engineers are in demand

It might not surprise you to hear that software engineers are incredibly popular right now. As technology continues to improve, the demand for software engineers continues to increase.
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Very few people currently have the skills to become a software engineer. It takes a long time for people to learn the fundamentals of programming, which is one reason that it’s one of the most in demand IT job openings out there.

The high demand for software engineers has a few effects on the technology industry. The primary effect is a higher average salary for software engineers across the entire industry. A software engineer can easily earn between $70,000 and $150,000 per year, depending on experience.

#1 The Gaming Industry is growing faster than ever

Modern video games require more development as they continue to take advantage of new technology. Modern gaming hardware can enhance loading times, processing capabilities, and graphics rendering. This incredible growth within the industry automatically places a higher demand for software engineers.

Many gaming studios are desperate to hire new software engineers to boost their development workflow in the next generation of gaming. New consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to help transform the gaming industry in more ways than one. PC gaming is also being transformed with faster processors, high-end graphics cards, and solid-state drives.

#2 The Significant Demand for eCommerce

The demand for software engineers is very similar to the demand for eCommerce. The next decade will probably show a significant demand for online and mobile shopping experiences.

Many people like the idea of starting their very own website for eCommerce shopping experiences in their preferred niche. This spike in eCommerce popularity could boost the demand for efficient software engineers.

You can already find a significant demand for software engineers on gig websites that hire independent contractors. This demand will continue to grow as people start their own websites and look for fresh ways to develop their online presence.

#3 Smart Technology is growing faster than expected

So many people are using smart technology to make their lives more convenient. You can already use smart technology to control your household appliances, doors, lights, electronics, and more.

Every new appliance that uses this technology is going to require special programming and coding. This service is only provided by advanced software engineers that have knowledge in coding languages.

As companies continue to expand their smart technology to new devices, the demand for software engineers will continue to be significant for these companies. The career trajectory for an experienced software engineer looks to be extremely bright.

It helps that much of the knowledge from one coding language applies in other coding languages. This makes it possible for a software engineer to work in multiple industries with the same core set of knowledge.

#4 Many Small Businesses are going digital

A significant number of small businesses are exploring the possibilities of taking advantage of the internet to grow their business. In most cases, a software engineer is going to be needed to accomplish this task. Business owners have a few different ways to connect with new customers on the internet.

The first way is to create a well-designed website with tons of information about the business. For a custom website, you could hire a website software engineer to produce the desired result.

There are also digital plugins and extensions that other software engineers have already produced to make it easier to create a custom website for a small business. These digital tools might be cheaper than hiring an experienced software engineer, but they can still be pretty expensive for a small business.

Some businesses might think a mobile app could grow their business. Millions of users visit the app store every single day, and it’s hard to ignore the incredible potential that could result after publishing a mobile app.

A mobile app could be ideal for small businesses that sell services or physical items in their store. For example, a small local clothing store might find more customers and save money on advertising by creating an eCommerce app for their business.

Many new customers can find the business and order items directly from the website or app. This concept will once again require a software engineer, another apparent reason that they are in such high demand right now.

#5 New Devices and Tablets will require advanced programming

Every single year, major companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft announce new mobile devices and tablets. Just recently, Microsoft announced a new dual-screen phone that has several interesting features.

This unique phone design required major coding changes to the operating system. If innovative ideas like this continue to come to the market, then software engineers will continue to get hired rapidly.

Even older-model smartphones continue to receive updates from the manufacturer. Companies will continue to hire digital software engineers to provide these updates to their devices.

Advanced programming skills will be needed to produce the next generation of operating systems in phones. This is splendid news for aspiring software engineers, especially since there are very few experienced software engineers in the industry right now.

Software engineers will be tasked with programming new types of technology as they come to the public market. It is possible that one day, you might go into a restaurant and order your meal through a digital smart device or tablet. This concept is already being tested in some restaurants. This is just one plausible example, and there’s a lot more.

Self-checkout systems in grocery stores might seem like a modern way to allow customers to purchase their items, without having to interact with anyone. Companies like Amazon are already exploring ways to eliminate self-checkout and allowing all items to be purchased directly through a smartphone.

Final Thoughts

These advanced concepts are years away from coming to the public. If major companies continue down their current technological trajectory, then software engineers are going to be in such high demand, that it will be a contest to hire them away from other companies.

Technology will be the industry to lead us into the future. There will be bumps along the way, and it won’t be an easy transition for some people. Software engineers will be the special group of people that directly interact and program the technology that will be used by millions of people across the globe one day.

Baburajan Kizhakedath

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