Toshiba starts second phase of Yokkaichi NAND semiconductor fabrication Facility

Infotech Lead Asia: Toshiba Corporation has started the construction of Phase 2 of Fab 5, the company’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility (fab) at its Yokkaichi Operations memory production facility in Mie Prefecture.

The first phase of the project was started in July 2010. The second phase is expected to be complete in summer 2014.

Toshiba will expand Fab 5 to secure manufacturing space for NAND flash memories fabricated with next generation process technology and for 3D memories.

Construction will be completed in summer next year, and decisions on equipment investments and production levels will reflect market trends.


Three fabs at Yokkaichi Operations currently mass produce NAND flash memories, including Fab 5 phase 1. Fab 5’s construction was planned around two phases, the first of which went into operation in July 2011.

Toshiba now anticipates medium-to long-term market expansion for and recognizes that the time is right to expand Fab 5. The market for flash memories is recovering driving by the growing demand for smartphones, tablets, SSD for enterprise servers.

Tomoharu Watanabe was appointed as the general manager of Yokkaichi Operations.

Going forward, Toshiba will expand business and boost competitiveness by leadership in advanced process technology and the development of new generation memories that answer market needs.

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