Teradata announces Software-Defined Warehouse

Teradata, a big data analytics and marketing applications company, has announced the new version of Teradata Database.

The Software-Defined Warehouse enables enterprises to consolidate multiple data warehouses into one system without sacrificing security or service level performance.

Hermann Wimmer, co-president, Teradata, and head of Teradata’s Data and Analytics Division, said: “Through the Software-Defined Warehouse, our customers will enjoy the benefits of simpler data warehouse management, consistent performance, as well as the cost-savings of maintaining a single system.”

Teradata also unveiled an additional Teradata Database feature called Secure Zones that separates data and groups of users for each entity enabling organizations to comply with security and privacy laws.

The Software-Defined Warehouse capability leverages Teradata Workload Management, Teradata Data Labs and the Secure Zones feature of the Teradata Database — offering agility, simplicity, and speed when managing their data warehouse.

“Teradata’s delivery of a software-defined warehouse provides a level of agility and simplicity that empower organizations to deploy their data warehouse and data mart resources and manage security across environments,” said John L Myers, managing research director, Business Intelligence at Enterprise Management Associates.

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