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Rackspace announced Data Connectors, which allows customers to move and analyze data easily.

Previously, moving and analyzing required coding and posed significant difficulties when integrating with BI and data visualization tools.

With Data Connectors, and built-in automation for ObjectRocket Elasticsearch, Rackspace said, customers can seamlessly connect MongoDB instances to Elasticsearch and Kibana.

“We believe that application developers should never have to worry about their databases,” said ObjectRocket Co-founder and General Manager of Data at Rackspace Chris Lalonde. “At ObjectRocket, we’re taking another step toward that goal. Data connectors will make developers’ lives easier and allow them to focus on their business.”

While ObjectRocket MongoDB offers a faster way to build and scale applications for a variety of use cases, including Internet of Things, mobile, personalization and content management, Elasticsearch and Kibana help search and analyze data with customizable dashboards, unlocking insights and visualizations from a range of sources.

Data Connectors simplify the task of moving between these data sources and tools without the time-consuming and expensive investment required at the onset.

“The support experience of ObjectRocket Data Connectors has been better than expected with quick answers, providing a very smooth process,” said Matt Janssen, Senior PHP Engineer at Nerdery. “For any mid to large size app these days, it only makes sense to leave the management of infrastructure to a team like ObjectRocket.”

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