IBM updates status on Watson client list

Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced the update on new enterprise clients for Watson Analytics, its cloud-based analytics service for offering insights into business operations.

Since its release in December, IBM has added more than 40,000 people for using Watson Analytics.

Some of the enterprise clients include Legends, a hospitality and planning services firm, Mueller, a manufacturer of steel buildings and metal roofs, etc.

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Watson Analytics natural language-based cognitive service provides access to predictive and visual analytic tools. Recently, IBM announced its partnership with blogging site Twitter, enabling customers to analyze social sentiment for insights around programs, products, trends and more.

Mueller, a manufacturer of metal roofing across the central and southwest U.S., an area known for extreme weather, uses Watson Analytics. Before Watson Analytics, Mueller used a basic formula to gauge and forecast revenue.

“By inputting a variety of variables into the system, including everything from invoice data, to the number of projects ongoing, to even the number of phone calls received, we could consistently produce highly accurate revenue forecasts, quickly and easily,” said Mark Lack, manager of strategy analytics and business intelligence, at Mueller.

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