IBM unveils i2 COPLINK Everywhere to back law enforcement  


IBM has expanded IBM’s i2 COPLINK portfolio with the launch of i2 COPLINK Everywhere, a MobileFirst application that securely delivers access to police data to officers, analysts, and commanders when they are in the field.

IBM’s i2 COPLINK portfolio also includes office and patrol car applications.

The application helps law enforcement organizations solve crimes faster, keep officers safer, and disrupt crime via analytics of vast quantities of seemingly unrelated datautilized by law enforcement via mobile devices.

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With mobile capabilities, i2 COPLINK Everywhere minimizes keyboard and pointing device input. This capability will enhance officer safety by eliminating or minimizing the need to concentrate on device interaction in favor of focusing on the situation at hand, IBM said.

The solution also makes it easier to validate information and compare partial observations, such as vehicle license plates, distinguishing markings such as tattoos, known affiliations and recent addresses, during an ongoing investigation.

Photo match and mug shot identification provide crucial information during interviews with victims, witnesses and others at the scene. The user advantages of mobile device tap and swipe technologies speed queries, saving critical time that can be used to further investigation and crime mitigation, IBM said.

Rajani Baburajan

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