IBM to empower Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Montpellier with big data and analytics

IBM today said that it would use big data and analytics to help three cities– Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Montpellier—improve their water, transportation and emergency management mechanisms.

In Minneapolis, IBM’s cloud-based smarter cities technology ensures that multiple departments are working in sync for a common objective. IBM Intelligent Operations software is providing pattern discovery, metrics to city leaders to track performance improvement.

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In Montpellier, IBM Intelligent Operations is working to improve the water management, mobility and emergency management. The solution helps to analyze data in details which subsequently helps multiple parts of the city, universities and partner organizations to deliver services accordingly. The data helps in improving flood management system and enhances the water quality.

A living laboratory will be created in Montpellier for open innovation in partnership with the University of Montpellier 1 and University of Montpellier 2 to give fillip to the development of new technology, urban innovations, new start-up organizations and the exploration of new economic models, said IBM in a statement.

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