HP Autonomy intros cloud-based approach to managing legacy data


HP Autonomy has released the latest HP Application Information Optimizer (AIO), the application and database archiving solution, further strengthening its information governance portfolio by providing pathway to cloud for structured business data.

The latest HP AIP 7.1 introduces a cloud-based approach to managing legacy structured data, and offers additional connectivity to market-leading databases and greater ability to leverage HP Autonomy’s information processing engine, the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL).

HP AIO allows organizations to overcome the challenges associated with managing complex data. According to HP, organizations fail to proactively understand and manage this information, leading to high data-storage and database-maintenance costs, increased compliance and litigation risk, and untapped potential in leveraging the data for improved business performance.


HP AIO helps organizations address these challenges and convert their application and database data liabilities into information assets.

AIO can access, understand, classify and relocate outdated and inactive structured data from production databases and legacy applications. It then moves this information into lower-cost data repositories, where it can be managed, applied in other applications or defensibly deleted.

Organizations can use HP AIO to identify and move data to on-premises archiving and records management systems for analysis and long-term management.

HP AIO 7.1 also can run on any cloud server, such as HP Cloud Services, and supports both public and private cloud applications.

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