EMC India to offer cloud computing Big Data analytics training and certification programs

Infotech Lead India: EMC will offer Cloud Computing, Data Science and Big Data Analytics training and certification programs with an open curriculum.

In addition, the company aims to train over 30,000 engineering students in the first year itself as part of its EAA program.

The EMC Proven Professional training and certifications is expected to address skill transformation and cloud computing and data science talent gap.

EMC said new Data Science and Big Data Analytics training helps build a foundation for data analytics with a particular focus on the opportunities and challenges presented by Big Data. Big Data and new analytics technologies are unlocking new possibilities for the creation, collection and insightful analysis of data to drive meaningful and actionable business decisions.

The expert-level Cloud Architect IT-as-a-Service training and certification helps IT professionals – cloud architects, designers and consultants – evolve virtualized infrastructures into cloud-based, IT-as-a-Service environments that fully realize the agility and cost efficiencies that cloud computing offers.

“In the emerging digital era, individual need and sentiment has become more prevalent thanks to the proliferation of social and other online networks. Businesses and Government have the opportunity to understand this on a mass scale in real time and take necessary steps that will transform services and service delivery forever,” said Rajesh Janey, president, EMC India & SAARC.

“While India has the necessary technical manpower, it is important to skill them in these new areas in order to leverage the power of analytics and deliver benefits. Our new courses will address that gap and provide industry certification and skills development in the areas of cloud computing and Big Data analytics,” Janey added.

In addition to customers and partners, EMC will offer these courses to their university partners through its EMC Academic Alliance (EAA) program, an EMC initiative that aims to collaborate with the leading educational institutions around the world to address the emerging knowledge gap in the areas of Cloud Computing and Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

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