Dell releases InTrust 11.0 for data security in organisations

Dell announced the release of the latest upgrade of its IT data analytics solution Dell InTrust 11.0 on Tuesday.

InTrust 11.0 gives organizations the power to search and analyze vast amounts of IT data in one place, with real-time insights into user activity across security, compliance and operational teams.

The latest feature in InTrust is IT Search. It is an interactive search and store engine that speeds security, compliance and operations visibility. The feature assists in investigation and audit by providing instant insight into relationships between data and users.

IT administrators and security teams can quickly find out who has access to data, how it was obtained and how it was used — the three key compliance and security questions — using the single web interface, a statement stated.

“Dell Software enables organizations to securely collect, store, search, and analyze IT data from numerous data sources, devices and systems in one place with real-time insight of user activity. With InTrust 11.0, information security silos are eliminated, and IT has complete operational visibility and deeper insights into users’ complete history and the relationship they have with data,” Steve Dickson, vice president and general manager, Dell Software Windows Server Management, said.

InTrust can help IT and security teams thwart hidden security threats and quickly discover suspicious event trends and anomalies through dynamic breadcrumb investigation of users, groups, files, and events that might otherwise be overlooked and result in possible data breaches.


From the time users log on until they log off, Dell InTrust provides a complete and connected view of the security events happening in the environment in real time. It delivers tamper-proof information to easily address internal security policies and achieve regulatory compliance.

With InTrust, administrators can troubleshoot widespread issues in the event of an incident; security officers can fully conduct security investigations regardless of where data resides or how it is formatted; and compliance officers can easily produce reports validating compliance across multiple systems, the statement added..

One other benefit of InTrust 11.0 is reduced storage costs. It compresses terabytes of data to gigabytes using a unique file-based repository with a 20:1 compression ratio. It also provides powerful full text search index, and saves storage costs and time spent searching for events across the enterprise network.

InTrust 11.0 is available now. Dell Software solutions are available through the channel, the release added.

Ajith Kumar S
[email protected]

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