Accenture offers Connected Analytics Experience in India

Accenture Connected Analytics Experience
Accenture today announced Accenture Connected Analytics Experience, an analytics capability that will assist its clients to understand analytics easier.

Accenture is offering Connected Analytics Experience in Accenture locations in New York City, San Jose, CA, and Bangalore, India. Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Mumbai, Singapore, and more will be added later. Clients can build immersive environments on premise at a company’s site.

The company will be targeting C-suite to functional managers to data scientists.

The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience provides business intelligence including analytics strategy, a data insights team, a data platform containing big data technologies and an analytics center of excellence that democratizes analytics.

Accenture has already tapped companies in the telecom, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and financial services industries for the Connected Analytics Experience.

“With the Accenture Connected Analytics Experience, we can help take businesses through every stage of their analytics journey, from issues to outcomes, mobilizing data, transforming data into insight,” said Narendra Mulani, senior managing director, Accenture Analytics, part of Accenture Digital.

Meanwhile, Accenture opened an Internet of Things Centre of Excellence for Resources in Singapore to help companies transform their businesses.

The IoT centre will help agriculture, forestry, metals, mining, oil and gas, chemicals and utilities companies to capitalize on new digital services and business models. It will also focus on intelligent connected devices and machines that comprise the Industrial Internet of Things.

“As an international trade hub for some of the world’s top commodities producers, shippers and logistical supply chain firms, Singapore is uniquely placed for companies to use technologies to achieve cost reductions, efficiencies and productivity gains,” said Rachael Bartels, Natural Resources global industry managing director for Accenture.

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