Intel Unveils New AI Initiatives to Propel PC Acceleration Program

Intel Corporation has revealed two artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives as part of its AI PC Acceleration Program: the AI PC Developer Program and the inclusion of independent hardware vendors (IHVs) into the program.
AI PC Developer Program from Intel
These initiatives mark significant milestones in Intel’s aim to empower the software and hardware ecosystem to optimize and fully utilize AI capabilities across more than 100 million Intel-based AI PCs by 2025.

The recent IDC report said shipments of AI PCs will be growing from nearly 50 million units in 2024 to more than 167 million in 2027. By the end of the forecast, AI PCs will represent nearly 60 percent of all PC shipments worldwide.

“We are expanding our reach to go beyond large ISVs and engage with small- and medium-sized players and aspiring developers by offering a broad set of tools including the new AI-ready Developer Kit,” Carla Rodriguez, Vice President of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel, said.

Intel’s AI PC Developer Program targets software developers and independent software vendors (ISVs), aiming to streamline the developer experience and facilitate the adoption of new AI technologies at scale. It provides access to tools, workflows, AI-deployment frameworks, and developer kits featuring the latest Intel hardware, notably the Intel Core Ultra processor.

Developers can access updated resource pages, serving as a centralized hub for AI PC and client-focused toolkits, documentation, and training materials. These resources are designed to help developers leverage Intel Core Ultra processor technologies effectively, maximizing performance in AI and machine learning (ML) applications and accelerating the development of new use cases.

Qualified IHVs gain access to Intel’s Open Labs, receiving support and co-engineering assistance early in the development phase. Intel also provides reference hardware to qualified IHV partners for testing and optimization to ensure optimal performance upon launch.

Intel has already onboarded 150 hardware vendors into the AI PC Accelerator Program.

“We’re scaling our hardware and software solutions to bring this momentum to our broad, open ecosystem of developers,” Matt King, Senior Director of Client Hardware Ecosystem at Intel, said.

Developers and IHVs can register to join the AI Acceleration Program, where Intel collaborates with its partners to enhance the AI PC experience and drive innovation.

Intel’s commitment to developers includes providing improved compatibility, performance optimization, and expanded market opportunities. With access to Intel Core Ultra developer kits and optimization tools, developers can ensure smooth performance on the latest Intel processors, enhancing end-user experiences.

The AI PC Acceleration Program, introduced in October 2023, provides resources such as artificial intelligence toolchains, training, co-engineering, software optimization, and design support to its partners. News Desk

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