Intel Unveils AI Plans for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Intel has disclosed its agenda for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, aiming to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology across various aspects of the event. As the Official Worldwide AI Platform Partner, Intel intends to revolutionize the Games by introducing innovative AI experiences driven by Intel processors.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games powered by AI
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Sarah Vickers, the head of Intel’s Olympic and Paralympic Games Office, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the world’s biggest showcase for the best athletes to push the boundaries of possibility and do things we never thought possible.”

With close to 15,000 athletes, millions of spectators, and billions of viewers expected worldwide, Paris 2024 is anticipated to be one of the largest events ever organized in France. To enhance the experience for all stakeholders, Intel will implement AI technology in three key areas.

Firstly, Intel plans to introduce immersive on-site AI experiences powered by Intel processors and software solutions. These applications will cater to athletes, coaches, and spectators, offering interactive engagements and technological advancements.

One highlight of Intel’s AI integration is the creation of an interactive fan activation, providing spectators with a firsthand experience of becoming an Olympic athlete. Leveraging Intel’s advanced technology, this initiative promises to showcase the potential of AI to enhance sports experiences.

Furthermore, Intel aims to enhance accessibility for the visually impaired during Paris 2024 through AI-driven solutions. By utilizing AI built on Intel Xeon processors, Intel plans to enable indoor and voice navigation for individuals with visual impairments, promoting inclusivity at the Games.

In addition to on-site experiences, Intel is set to revolutionize broadcasting with its 8K livestreaming capabilities. Paris 2024 will mark the first Olympics to showcase an end-to-end 8K livestreaming experience, facilitated by Intel Xeon processors. This advancement promises viewers a high-resolution streaming experience with unparalleled quality.

Moreover, Intel’s AI automation will enable broadcasters to deliver tailored highlights across various disciplines instantaneously, enhancing the viewing experience for fans worldwide.

Furthermore, Intel is committed to preserving the legacy of the Olympic Games through innovative AI solutions. By employing neural object cloning, Intel aims to digitize Olympic collections, allowing viewers to explore historical artifacts in interactive digital environments.

Intel’s partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games underscores its dedication to innovation and technological advancement in the realm of sports. With a history of introducing groundbreaking technologies at previous Games, Intel’s collaboration with Paris 2024 aims to redefine the Olympic experience through AI-driven solutions.

The Olympic Games Paris 2024 are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024, followed by the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8. News Desk

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