Intel Saffron AI software targets manufacturing, aerospace and software industries

Intel announced the release of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software applications — Intel Saffron AI software — using associative memory learning and reasoning to facilitate issue resolution.

Accenture and an aircraft manufacturing company, two customers of Intel, are using Intel Saffron AI software.

“It digs into disparate data sources to surface customers’ best practices, providing them with the meaningful insights needed to resolve issues faster,” Gayle Sheppard, vice president and general manager of Saffron AI Group at Intel, said.
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The Intel Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite is comprised of two software applications:

Similarity Advisor finds the closest match to the issue under review, across both resolved and open cases, identifying paths to resolution from previous cases and surfacing duplicates to reduce backlogs.

Classification Advisor automatically classifies work issues into pre-set categories, regulator mandated or self-defined, speeding up and increasing reporting accuracy while improving operations planning.

Accenture is using Intel Saffron AI to help clients resolve issues faster and reduce wasted efforts in product testing and defect resolution.

Accenture Touchless Testing Platform is augmented with artificial intelligence technology from Intel Saffron AI that brings in analytics and visualization capabilities.

“These support rapid decision-making and help reduce over-engineering efforts that can save anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of time and effort,” said Kishore Durg, senior managing director, Growth and Strategy and Global Testing Services Lead for Accenture.

Intel Saffron AI simulates a human’s ability to learn, remember and reason in real time. It uses associative memory learning and reasoning to analyze structured and unstructured text data sets to find hidden patterns, trends and similarities.

It learns from variable and even incomplete data, without relying on statistical models that need to be trained. Intel Saffron AI performs content and contextual analysis to understand the relationships between words.

Intel Saffron AI Suite brings faster and more accurate data-driven insight in an easy-to-use interface, providing enterprises with a faster time to issue resolution, a boost in product quality, better maintenance planning (moving unplanned to planned), and supply chain optimization.

Intel Saffron AI software is useful for technical operations teams in manufacturing, aerospace and software industries.

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