IndiGo Unveils 6Eskai: AI-Powered Chatbot Redefining Travel Assistance

IndiGo, one of India’s leading airlines, has introduced a pioneering AI chatbot named 6Eskai, leveraging GPT-4 technology, aimed at revolutionizing the traveler experience by catering to queries in 10 diverse languages and offering a unique platform for seamless ticket bookings across its entire network.
IndiGo and IT deploymentDeveloped entirely in-house by IndiGo’s digital team in close collaboration with Microsoft, the AI chatbot signifies a significant milestone for the airline, positioning IndiGo among the pioneering airlines in the region harnessing cutting-edge AI to elevate the passenger journey.

According to an airline spokesperson, the AI bot has shown promising early results, with a notable 75 percent reduction in customer service agent workload during its soft launch, underscoring its efficiency and effectiveness in catering to passenger queries.

“The AI bot, boasting an impressive 1.7 trillion parameters, is equipped to address a wide spectrum of commonly asked questions effortlessly. IndiGo’s team of data scientists conducted extensive research on generative pretrained transformers (GPT) and meticulously programmed the bot using prompt engineering, enabling it to emulate human behavior, respond to emotions, and inject humor into interactions, ensuring a more engaging and entertaining experience for passengers,” stated the spokesperson.

Highlighting the extensive capabilities of 6Eskai, the spokesperson outlined its proficiency in tasks such as ticket bookings, applying promotional discounts, booking add-ons, facilitating web check-ins, aiding in seat selection, trip planning, answering FAQs, and seamlessly connecting customers with a service agent. Notably, the chatbot is adept not only in written or typed language but also in interpreting verbal instructions through speech-to-text models.

Summi Sharma, Senior Vice President ifly and Customer Experience at IndiGo, expressed enthusiasm about the launch of 6Eskai, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce 6Eskai, our AI-driven chat assistant, as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing customer experience.”

Sharma emphasized the significance of this innovative tool in providing personalized and swift assistance to passengers, reflecting IndiGo’s dedication to leveraging technological advancements to deliver customer-centric services. The introduction of 6Eskai underscores IndiGo’s relentless pursuit of enhancing passenger convenience and satisfaction in the ever-evolving landscape of air travel.

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