IDC Forecasts GenAI’s Transformational Impact on Enterprises, Prioritizing Revenue Growth

IDC predicts a seismic shift as 35 percent of global enterprises embrace GenAI to co-develop digital solutions by 2025, poised to potentially double revenue growth compared to competitors. GenAI-powered skills development and automation are forecasted to drive $1 trillion in global productivity gains by 2026.
Website usersThe business landscape of enterprise innovation is on the brink of transformation, with IDC’s forecast indicating a substantial adoption surge of GenAI technology. By 2025, an estimated 35 percent of enterprises worldwide are projected to leverage GenAI, potentially propelling revenue growth to unprecedented levels, doubling that of competitors who are slower to adopt these advancements.

As organizations expedite their adoption of GenAI, IDC emphasizes the critical role of skills development powered by GenAI and automation. This integration is anticipated to yield monumental productivity gains, projecting a staggering $1 trillion boost in productivity globally by 2026.

The crux of the matter emerges: What facets will enterprises prioritize while charting their GenAI trajectories? Insights from a recent IDC survey targeting global C-suite executives illuminate the near-future focus, primarily centered on driving productivity enhancements. Key functions such as sales, IT, and finance are earmarked for substantial productivity improvements, identified as the foremost business outcomes over the next 18–24 months. A substantial majority—over 50 percent of respondents—underline productivity gains as their primary business goal in the foreseeable future.

Anticipating developments in 2024, GenAI tools are poised to augment the utilization of unstructured data, potentially doubling its productive use. However, Jyoti Lalchandani, IDC’s Group Vice President and Regional Managing Director for the Middle East, Turkiye, and Africa (META), forecasts a shift in organizational priorities beyond mere productivity gains.

“We anticipate a shift in focus from productivity gains to revenue generation outcomes within the next 3–5 years. Sales, IT, finance, operations, and supply chain functions are expected to anticipate revenue growth from GenAI. It’s imperative for providers to align their GenAI solutions with evolving business objectives to cater to this evolving landscape,” Jyoti Lalchandani said.

The impending transformation underscores the need for GenAI providers to pivot strategically, ensuring that their offerings align with the evolving business goals of their clientele. As the narrative shifts from productivity gains to revenue amplification, GenAI stands poised to revolutionize enterprises’ revenue-generating capabilities, paving the way for a new era of business innovation.

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