HCLTech and IBM collaborate to launch Generative AI center

HCLTech, a global technology leader, and IBM have announced a new collaboration to establish a Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) utilizing the IBM watsonx AI and data platform. This initiative aims to assist global enterprises in developing custom AI applications, enhancing data capabilities, and accelerating responsible AI workflows.

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Center of Excellence Overview

The CoE will be hosted at HCLTech’s AI and Cloud Native Labs located in London and Austin, TX. It will leverage HCLTech’s expertise in cloud-native solutions and IBM’s watsonx AI platform to help enterprises:

Modernize legacy applications

Develop IT service management (ITSM) use cases

Reduce coding complexity

Improve skill development on the watsonx platform

Enable continuous innovation

Key Features and Benefits

HCLTech clients will benefit from IBM teams’ expertise with the watsonx platform when building, scaling, and customizing AI solutions. The collaboration aims to provide significant advantages in:

Code Modernization: Integrating watsonx into HCLTech’s AI Force to support the modernization of code.

Generative AI Adoption: Facilitating the adoption of generative AI through watsonx, enhancing digital skills for enterprise productivity.

Skill Development: Training 10,000 HCLTech engineers and architects in IBM’s watsonx AI technologies.

“This expansion of our work with IBM will facilitate rapid exploration of AI’s potential as we create highly differentiated HCLTech offerings using the latest IBM technology,” said Vijay Guntur, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ecosystems at HCLTech. “We plan to embed watsonx in HCLTech AI Force with generative AI-powered solutions to support code modernization and help our clients accelerate generative AI adoption while enhancing digital skills for enterprise productivity through the implementation of watsonx Orchestrate.”

Strategic Goals

The CoE will provide clients with access to educational and training resources on diverse AI technologies, including:




watsonx Code Assistants

watsonx Orchestrate

watsonx Assistant

“Driving adoption of responsible generative AI solutions is an important component of our collaboration with Service Partners like HCLTech,” said Stephen Smith, General Manager of Service Partners at IBM Ecosystem. “Through this Center of Excellence, we plan to empower our joint clients to rapidly explore, experiment, and engineer generative AI solutions with watsonx that are designed to meet their current business challenges.”


The Generative AI Center of Excellence represents a significant step in HCLTech and IBM’s ongoing collaboration, offering a robust platform for enterprises to innovate and transform their operations through advanced AI technologies. This initiative underscores the commitment of both companies to drive responsible AI adoption and continuous technological advancement.

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