Axel Springer Overhauls Upday, Pioneering AI-Driven News Service

In a transformative move, Axel Springer, the German publishing powerhouse, announced the closure of its news outlet, Upday, intending to reinvigorate the brand as a “trend news generator” propelled by artificial intelligence (AI).
Internet user on laptopUpday, in its current iteration, is slated to cease operations by the year’s end, making way for the unveiling of the AI-powered new service in the summer of 2024.

During this transition, a spokesperson confirmed the reduction of jobs at Upday, with a commitment to explore potential avenues for affected staff within the broader group.

Initially comprising 150 employees, Upday has seen a reduction to 70 staff members, reflecting the evolving strategy and restructuring process, as per the spokesperson.

Axel Springer’s vision behind this overhaul centers on harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to reshape journalism and the news industry fundamentally.

Upday, known for its pre-installation on Samsung cell phones and devices as part of an agreement struck in 2015 between Axel Springer and the South Korean tech giant, had expanded its reach across 34 European countries.

Axel Springer, the parent company that boasts ownership of prominent German tabloids Bild and Welt, alongside the influential U.S. political news website Politico, is steering its trajectory from print media towards a robust digital news landscape.

This bold transformation not only signifies Axel Springer’s commitment to pioneering AI-driven news services but also underlines the company’s strategic pivot towards a dynamic digital future in the realm of media and journalism.

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